My Hands Are Yours God

My name is Tammy and I am a mother of 2 precious girls, wife to an amazing man, (and my best friend) and a woman who is so in love with her Savior. I love to write, poetry is my usual course. For the most part, there is a story behind them all. Sometimes, I just want to write.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wish for you

When I see you at the bottom, of a very darkened hole.

And understand the peace I have is something you do not know.

I wish for you to have my heart for just a little glimpse

of all that God and done for me, and the love I have for Him

How nothing that has crossed my path, has killed the fire in me.

For I live without shackles since the Savior set me free.

I am not immune to pain or hurt or loss of any kind.

But the trust I have in any plan is something I did not find.

He came to me, He longed for me, He had a plan from the start.

It was not by chance the day I found the will, to ask Him in my heart.

So when I see a hurting soul, lost and without vision.

I ask the Lord to give me the words, to use His perfect Wisdom.

So you can see what I can see, a life worth living for His Glory.

I wish for you to know the Father and my redemption story.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking Forward

As I sit here and I wander, what God could have in store.
I tremble and I trust, and hope for so much more.
I know my God is able to do more than I ask.
Hoping both my faith and strength will really, truly last.
I am looking forward to answers, looking forward to peace.
I am looking forward to knowing that all this fear will cease.
I am looking forward to turning and then looking behind
and seeing all that God has done and the joy that I will find.