My Hands Are Yours God

My name is Tammy and I am a mother of 2 precious girls, wife to an amazing man, (and my best friend) and a woman who is so in love with her Savior. I love to write, poetry is my usual course. For the most part, there is a story behind them all. Sometimes, I just want to write.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Afraid of an answer I don't want to hear.
Grasping for faith as I wade through this fear.
Hoping for Hope when no voice can be heard.
Looking for reasons as I cling to your Word.

Knowing your Good and not questioning your Love.
Searching for life in your free flowing blood.
Aching so bad that it's hurting to breathe.
Understanding the prayer that made the Savior bleed.

Such deep exploration of the Father's plan,
Completely a mystery to the heart of this woman.
But beautifully perfect and I know it will be,
as His will is orchestrated all around me.

As I look down this road that may indeed lay.
I ask you Lord to please make a new way.
The Pain in this path is too much to bear,
though I know it won't take us out of your care.

I Love you Oh Lord, though my heart is breaking.
Be the God that your are in the pain we are facing.
Heal if you will, but do what you must.
In you sweet Jesus, we have put all our trust.

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